Police want to return stolen property to owners

Patti Piscione-Korpacz still can't get rid of the marks where state police dusted for fingerprints on the back window of her North Providence home.

Burglars broke in on Oct. 2, taking with them cash, jewelry and her family's sense of security.

"There's a feeling of not really being comfortable leaving and not really being comfortable staying," Piscione-Korpacz said.

She's not alone in her new fear of being home alone either. Her home is one of 23 that were targeted in a string of break-ins in Cranston, East Greenwich, Johnston, North Kingstown, North Providence, Pawtucket, Providence and Smithfield.

The break-in at her home matches the description police gave of two experienced criminals who are now in custody.

"They would normally go through the back, break a window or force a sliding glass door open. Then they concentrate their activity to the master bedroom," state police Detective Cpl. Peter Chabot said.

Investigators released pictures of the items in an effort to return them to their rightful owners.{} The items include watches, jewelry, electronics, knives, articles of clothing and perfume.

State police said anyone who can prove ownership of any of the items should go to state police headquarters in Scituate or contact Detective Cpl. Peter Chabot at 401-444-1295.

Unfortunately, Piscione-Korpacz didn't recognize anything that was taken from her house.

"My mom passed away a couple of years ago and it had all of the things she had given to me in it. Pieces like the necklace she wore at my wedding," she said.

Piscione-Korpacz's family has accepted they may never get back the stolen items, along with other meaningful intangibles, like the ability to sleep soundly in her own home.