Police: Woman accused of robbing from elderly

New Bedford police said a robbery suspect in their city preyed on the kindness of strangers.

Tiffany Silva, 29, was arraigned Friday. Police implicated her in two robberies that happened in less than a week.

"Both victims were in their 80s," Detective Capt. Steve Vicente said.

One robbery was on Ocean Street, and other was on Crapo Street. Police said she used similar stories to gain entry into the victims' homes.

"Female knocked on the door, asked for a glass of water. The elderly woman allowed the person into the house. In this first case, she actually gave her some milk and cookies. It was while she was in the home that she grabbed the victim by the wrists, escorted her to the bedroom, began rummaging through the bedroom, took some cash, some jewelry and her wedding band from her finger and she fled," Vicente said.

In the second case, the suspect asked for a glass of water again.

"Once in the home in this case, the female asked for a dollar. When the elderly woman went to her bedroom to retrieve the dollar, she was followed by the suspect. The suspect grabbed her by the shirt, took a gold chain from her neck and rummaged through the bedroom," Vicente said.

The victims went to police, despite being threatened not to say anything.

Police tracked the stolen jewelry to a local pawn shop.

"Shortly after both robberies, the jewelry was cashed in for cash," Vicente said.

Silva is due back in court soon and faces charges that include unarmed robbery of a person over 60.