Poll: Providence voters pessimistic on economy

A new poll conducted by the Taubman Center for Public Policy at Brown University finds that while most Providence voters remain pessimistic about the local economy, the percentage of voters who think Providence is on the "right track" has risen 10 percentage points in the last year.

Providence Mayor Angel Taveras continues to enjoy broad approval among Providence voters.

His job approval as he leaves the city to head for the governor's race have held mostly steady over the past year with almost 60 percent of poll respondents saying he has done an excellent or good job.

But on the economy of the city, the results were not so good.

Just over one-quarter of those polled called the economy excellent or good, while nearly three-quarters described it as not so good or poor. That's not positive. And it carries over to what voters are looking at next.

Looking ahead, 29 percent are expecting what the poll described as continuous good times but 44 percent plan for widespread unemployment, leaving 28 percent unable to embrace either of those characterizations.

Most of the questions in the Brown poll, conducted last week with a margin of error of 4. 5 percent concerned city services.

People are for the most part happy with those services. Approval ratings range from 81 percent for garbage pick-up to 84 percent approval for fire and rescue and 62 percent for police services.

The exception is the schools, which are viewed favorably by only 47 percent. The good news there, that's 11 points higher than last year.