I-Team: Local man charged with raping teenage girl

A Portsmouth man is requesting to be placed back on home confinement, after violating the terms of his home confinement while awaiting trial on rape charges.

Raymond Correira, 27, is accused of buying alcohol and raping a 13-year-old girl he met at a park in Portsmouth last year. He was charged with child molestation and first-degree sexual assault.

Correira was originally given bail, but placed on home confinement.

But while on home confinement, he traveled to Massachusetts, and later admitted he violated his home confinement terms. He was sent to the state prison as a bail violator.

But his lawyer, Gary Pelletier, says Correira wants to be placed back on home confinement, but would be willing to accept stricter terms.

Superior Court Judge Edward Clifton, however, questioned whether Correira is even eligible for home confinement again, since he's already been a violator.

Clifton sent Correira back to prison, and scheduled another hearing in two weeks to determine if he's eligible for home confinement.