Police: Child made up story about abduction

Woonsocket police said Tuesday that an alleged witness to a child abduction made up the story and that there was no kidnapping.

Police said they got the call around noon and heard this.

"It appears from what we're being told that the child was grabbed and thrown into the vehicle," said Woonsocket police Detective Sgt. Matt Ryan.

Cindy Brouillette talked with the little girl who claimed to have witnessed the abduction of a 5-year-old blonde girl in a pink polka-dot dress.

"Flying down, ecstatic, going crazy yelling, and then the father came into my yard with the two little girls, telling me he didn't know what to do and I just told him to call 911," Brouillette said.

But investigators said the story was made up. There was no abduction on Vose Street Tuesday.

"We're happy to report that there was not an abduction at all. The story was fabricated by our witness," Ryan said.

But Woonsocket police, state police and the FBI took the rumor very seriously.

"We have to take any of these reports very seriously and just investigate them very thoroughly," Woonsocket Police Chief Tom Carey said.

Now neighbors can go back to thinking of this area the way they always have: as a safe, quiet place, where crimes like child abduction don't happen.

"Very strange. This doesn't happen in our neighborhood. So, we're all very uptight," resident Jennifer Clukey said.

The girl who made up the story could face charges, but it's unclear what charges. The police and the attorney general will be meeting to discuss the case.