Post office open extra hours for last minute senders

Well before the gifts end up under a tree this Christmas, they're shipped, sorted and picked up from the post office. Sunday the US postal service extended its hours to make sure these gifts arrive in time.

"We wanted to make it more convenient for them to pick up those packages up so we opened last Sunday and this Sunday at 21 post offices in the area so customers could come pick up their packages," Christine Dugas of the US Postal Service said.

14 offices in Rhode Island and seven in southeast Massachusetts opened from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Sunday.

"We're seeing about double during the holiday season of packages," Dugas said.

Double the business makes a pretty big dent for this government bedrock that nearly went bankrupt in 2011.

"The package growth in this business is going to help the postal service right side this organization and create a better revenue flow," Dugas said.

The increase in shipping is thanks in large part to a surge in online shoppers and the Christmas procrastinators.

"I usually don't think about shopping until this last week," Rich Wiede said.

Wiede was shipping presents in Providence to family in Texas.

"If it gets there by Tuesday I'll be really happy," Wiede said.

The gift most of us wish we could buy three days out? Time. Thanks to the post office you'll get a little bit more of it to check the last few items off the list.