Powerball Jackpot: how people pick their numbers when $600 million is at stake

As the record high Powerball jackpot continues to climb so do the number of tickets sold as people line up to take their chances on winning the $600 plus million dollars.

So, with so much at stake NBC10 set out to discover what methods people use to pick their numbers, and found that while some use the random method of a quick pick, there are many that use more calculated methods that range from important dates to psychics.

Although the methods that were used were different with everyone that we talked to, their one common denominator was that they had all yet to yield a winner.

And with those kinds of results we went in search of guidance.

So, we visited Familiar Spirits Psychic Shop in Coventry for some advice from Raven Morgaine.

Morgaine was quick to tell us that "no psychic can predict your numbers, and nobody can tell you what numbers are going to win. What we can do, is help you kind of gather the right energy, the right state of mind to put you kind of in a more receptive place."

Morgaine's suggestions include burning a prosperity candle, carrying a lucky charm, and items that are used to draw good karma your way.

And while there is no guarantee that these items will actually make one win the lottery, with such an enormous jackpot at stake a little extra luck is never bad.