Prayer vigil for missing Fall River woman on her birthday

Jennifer Mbugua

{}A prayer vigil for a Fall River woman missing for three months is being held on Saturday, which is her birthday.

Jennifer Mbungua, 32-years-old, was last seen on May 27 outside of her Fall River apartment. Police found her car abandoned at a gas station near Route 1 and Interstate 295 in North Attleborough.

Jennifer Mbugua's family said they haven't heard an update about Mbugua since she seemingly vanished about three months ago.

They describe her as a responsible nurse, whom they talked to daily. They said her disappearance isn't adding up.

The vigil was scheduled to be held at Kennedy Park in Fall River at 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Beatrice Mbugua said she wakes up every day hoping to see her sister again.

Her apartment looked like she could walk in the door any moment.

"The lights were on. Her TV was on. Her pocket book was right there, her phone," Beatrice Mbugua said.

Police still have no suspects or indications about Jennifer Mbugua's whereabouts. For her mother, Anne, it's too much to bear.

"I don't sleep. I normally have sleepless nights. I normally have sleepless nights," Anne Mbugua said.

Jennifer Mbugua had recently moved. Her landlord refused to let police or her family inside her apartment when she disappeared. The next day he packed up all of her things and moved her out.

The Mbuguas said they worry the action hampered the investigation.

"My question is even up to now, why were the things removed? I was not informed," Anne Mbugua said.

Anne Mbugua emphasized that the family is not angry, they just want Jennifer back.

"If you're out there and you're seeing this, contact someone and let them know you're OK. We love you. We'll never stop looking for you until we find you. We'll never rest," Beatrice Mbugua said.