Pre-game ritual important for Cumberland American

Players on the Cumberland American Little League team say they rub their gatekeeper pin for luck before each game.

As the Cumberland American Little League team prepares for its first game of the Little League World Series on Friday night, it'll take part in a pre-game ritual.

Before each game, each player rubs something called a gatekeeper pin.

"We all rub it before the games for good luck," Mason Matos said.

It's a pin that's shaped like a menacing figure. The figure is purple and has a sword.

"Some people do different things with it. I just rub it with my hands. Other people rub it on their arms and stuff," Jayden Struble said.

"Beginning of the year, we rubbed it and it worked. We won 10-0. So we just keep doing it," Tyler Shaw said.

"We just start using it and we won ever since," Trey Thibault said.

There's some history to the pre-game ritual and it all starts with Cumberland's Tyler Provost.

"My brother got a gatekeeper pin in regionals and before every single game we rub the pin -- everybody except Nick Croteau. He doesn't do to good with it I think," Provost said.

The pin is for players only. But manager Dave Belisle has his own superstition.

"I let them do their superstitions. I have my own. I carry my St. Joseph around to protect my kids and give us guidance. I like to let them do their thing. It's working, so let them do it. As long as it keeps them confident, I don't mind," he said.