Primary election Tuesday in Woonsocket

Voters in a special party primary election in Woonsocket Tuesday will likely be filling a vacant State House seat.

This is also the first election in Rhode Island where voters must show a photo identification at the polls.

Three Democrats are running for state representative in District 49: Douglas Brown, Mark Chenot and Michael Morin.

Lisa Baldelli-Hunt left the House seat to stage a successful run for mayor.

There is a special general election scheduled for Feb. 25, but the winner of the primary will likely win the seat. There are no other candidates in the race.

Rhode Island's voter ID law went into effect in 2012. Until this year, voters could present identification that did not include their photograph.

Accepted forms of photo ID include a driver's license, college ID card, passport, military identification card or another type of government ID.

Anyone without a valid photo ID will be allowed to cast a provisional ballot.