Providence begins street paving project

Providence resurfaces Moses Brown Street as part of citywide paving project.

Eager to show that work is being done to fix city streets, Providence mayor and gubernatorial candidate Angel Tavares operated a paving machine Wednesday on Moses Brown Street, a small cut-through near Wayland Square.

"Chalkstone (Avenue), so we're doing a lot of the big streets but there are some small streets that are being done as well," Taveras said.

Voters two years ago approved a $40 million bond to resurface neglected roads.

"Potholes would probably be the first thing that comes to mind. Sometimes I borrow a car from a family member and it specifically has very bad shocks and I can't even drive it in Providence or else I'm going to cause some damage," said Michael Galant, a city resident.

Last year, 32 miles of roadways were resurfaced in the city of Providence. This year, the city is expecting to do an additional 30 miles.

"We are fixing our worst roads first. Something that we're very, very proud of," Taveras said.

But the ongoing and separate Providence Water Supply Board project to replace 100-year-old water lines is causing angst. Streets are being dug up and patched temporarily until each neighborhood is finished. Then the streets will be permanently resurfaced.

"It's been a tough winter throughout not only the city, but throughout the state and the region and we're doing everything we can to rebuild the infrastructure," Taveras said. "That's why we're here today."