Providence landlord looking to catch nuisance tagger

A landlord on Atwells Avenue is hoping the public can help him catch a nuisance tagger.

Liz DeFranco has worked hard for her cut of the American dream.

Three years ago she was lucky enough to find a prime spot on Atwells Avenue to open Capelli Salon.

She takes pride in her store and is angry when taggers defile her shop.

"To come in and see something outside of your building that's your pride in joy kind of, it hurts," DeFranco said.

She said she found graffiti in three different spots at the building when she came to work Wednesday morning.

The building's owner, Tom Thomas, showed surveillance video to NBC 10.

The video shows a young man with a skateboard at 5 a.m. He first paints graffiti on a trash can and then the wall. The man's face is visible when he starts to leave.

Surveillance video also got a picture of another suspected tagger who was in the back parking lot.

Thomas said the building has been tagged with graffiti three times over the past 18 months.

DeFranco said she doesn't want the graffiti to blemish the Federal Hill neighborhood. She thinks the only way to prevent that is to catch the tagger and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.