Providence City Council overrides Taveras' veto on landlord tax cuts

By a 10-to-4 count, the Providence City Council voted Monday night to override Mayor Angel Taveras' veto of a plan to cut taxes on some landlords.

Landlords cheered the Council's move to lower the tax rate on rental properties that are not owner occupied.

"It's been totally unfair and finally this is one small step forward rectifying the situation," landlord Mike Patch told NBC 10 following the vote. Patch owns eight rental properties in the city and heads a landlord group that's been fighting higher taxes.

Landlords who do not live in their rental properties currently pay 75 percent more than owners who do.

This change will close the gap a bit to a 60 percent difference.

Councilman Kevin Jackson voted for it.

"I thought it's important that we try and balance out that equity in the tax base and it's a fair shared burden between all parts," Jackson told NBC 10.

But Taveras is upset the council overrode his veto, claiming just about everyone else will get hurt, that the tax revenue will have to come from somewhere.

"Mark my words, the Providence City Council raised taxes tonight," Taveras said.

He claims the council tried to slip in the measure during the quiet of summer and before an election.

"If this was a fairness issue, they should have done it during the budget process to be honest with the people of the city of Providence. You want to know why they didn't do it during the budget process? Because they know it's going to raise taxes, it's going to raise taxes on owner occupied homes," Taveras said.

City Council President Michael Solomon, who wants to be the next mayor, agrees with Taveras, and voted against the landlord tax cut.

"It's a $6 million shortfall and we're going to have to look for ways to find that $6 million," Solomon told NBC 10.

The landlord tax cut takes effect next July.