Providence College launches crisis app for cell phones, tablets

In the event severe weather, an active shooter on campus, or a roommate overdose, do students at Providence College know what to do?

"There's so many adults on campus I think they could help us figure out what to do," said Providence College student Keri Brady.

Now there's an app for that.

"Everybody is into their cell phones now it's the one piece of equipment nobody leaves home without," said Koren Kanadanian, director of emergency management at Providence College.

The free app is called In Case of Crisis.

Anyone can download it to learn more about emergency protocol on the campus. Faculty members currently use notebooks as their guide, but most students don't have those handy when they're needed.

"If you walking across campus or you're just the average student or faculty person, you don't have access to it. So we wanted accessibility to emergency information 24-7," Kanadanian said.

The school already has phones located throughout campus for students to use in case of emergency. It sends out text messages, emails and phone calls if an emergency takes place and that won't change. The app is a supplement, offering students access to information on a mobile device.

"They can go into the application pick the type of emergency and it will walk them through exactly what we want them to do to be safe," Kanadanian said.

Providence College is the only location in Rhode Island to begin using the technology, but the templates are customizable to any campus. Kanadanian said he's already spoken with emergency managers at Brown University and Rhode Island College about the app.