Providence community mourns death of little girl

Yalia Santos with her aunt.

Flowers, candles, and stuffed animals mark the spot where 3-year-old Yalia Santos lost her life Friday night.

She fell six stories out of her Grandmother's window to the concrete below.

The Hillcrest Village apartment community in Providence came in waves to pay their respects Saturday morning.

The girl's family is concerned Yalia's death could have been prevented.

Her aunt tells NBC 10 that window has been broken for several months now, she says she asked the building manager to fix it, nothing happened.

Other tenants tell NBC 10 they've experienced similar problems with the window screens here.

NBC 10 wanted to talk to the building managers about the problems with the windows but when we showed up Saturday we found out no one works weekends. Our calls were not{} returned. When we did speak to them in person Friday our reporters were told to leave the premises immediately.

It's unclear if the family will press charges. The same people who created the memorial will hold a prayer vigil Monday at noon at the apartment complex.