Providence crews attack city's potholes

A crew repairs a pothole in Providence on Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014.

City leaders acknowledge Providence has a pothole problem.

Now crews are playing catchup to try and fix as many as they can.

"It's frustrating. I hope people bear with us to get this resolved. It will be taken care of as soon as possible," said Bill Bombard, who works for the public works department.

Mayor Angel Taveras said Monday the potholes are the worst he can recall in many years. He encouraged residents to report potholes to the city so they can be repaired.

Holes on main roads are getting priority.

Some drivers say it's too little, too late.

"They just can't stay ahead of the game. The roads are so bad. The whole infrastructure is falling apart," said Rich Cote of Providence. "It's time to dig into their pockets and spend some of that money and get these roads fixed up."

Bombard said the city has repaved 30 miles of roads last year and expect to pave another 30 miles this year. He blames inconsistent weather for an increase in cracked roads.

However, not everyone hates the potholes.

Will Flores works at Parkway Auto Sales, a tire repair shop, and said business has doubled this winter.

"I've never seen nothing like this. It's chaos," Flores said.

City leaders said they have the money to fix the pothole problem and said they will. They said they usually aim to resolve each pothole complaint within a 48-hour period.