Providence man trains for EMT exam despite physical challenges

Andrew Bateson is overcoming challenges to become an EMT.

A Rhode Island man, who has overcome adversity in his life, is hoping to make a difference for others.

This weekend he's completing his training as an EMT, despite facing his own physical challenges.

It's practical exam day here at American Safety Programs and Training, with these students in training about to become EMT's.

For Andrew Bateson of Providence, there have been some challenges.

You probably wouldn't realize it by looking at him, Bateson is a double amputee; he lost his legs to bacterial meningitis when he was six years old; he has two prosthetic legs.

Bateson said the first two weeks he wore long pants then the next week he wore shorts. He says a lot of people were "blown away, and didn't even know it."

That's the way Andrew wanted; he didn't want to be treated any differently.

NBC10 profiled him in 2002, when he was 12 and received a courage award named for a young boy who lost his battle with cystic fibrosis. Fast forward 12 years, his courage endures.

Now as he completes his EMT training, he continues to follow the advice of his 12 year old self, "try and try and try until you get it." Bateson is hoping in his new profession to pay it forward.