Providence NAACP issues 'Call to Action' following violence

In response to a string of violence, including several Providence shootings, the Providence branch of the NAACP has issued "A Call to Action" along with concerned neighborhood organizations.{}{}

Leaders within the NAACP say the increase in violence has reached a crisis, that requires immediate action from the governor, the mayor and the City Council.

The NAACP outlined a series of recommendations, including:

1. Recommend that the Mayor Taveras convene a "call to action" planning summit of the Providence City Council, public, and private leadership to develop a short and long term strategic plan to address the causes that manifests in the increased violence in our City.

2. Recommend that Governor Chafee direct the Governor's Workforce Board to establish targeted workforce development programs in the neighborhoods of high unemployment in the City of Providence.

3. Recommend that the Mayor and Providence City Council evaluate the Providence Recreation Department to determine its effectiveness in providing recreation and youth development services to increase its relevancy.

4. Request the Attorney General to dedicate 15 percent of the Google settlement funding to support youth development and ex-offender training and employment programming.

5. Request the Public Safety Commission to establish a community liaison to connect the high crime neighborhoods with the police department to help prevent wars and provide mediation support.

A press conference for 5:30 p.m. in Providence has been scheduled to further explain the "Call to Action."