Providence nightclub offers designated drivers on St. Pat's Day

A Providence nightclub is unveiling a unique plan to promote designated drivers on St. Patrick's Day.

The owner of Colosseum nightclub was joined in the club late Thursday night by the Providence police chief, state police, state transportation officials, and the head of Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Rhode Island to pitch the program.

Colosseum will offer designated drivers and their party a reduced entry fee, free soft drinks, and free entry for their next visit.

They must call ahead of time to sign up. Club owner Anthony Santurri told NBC 10, "We wanted to not make being a designated driver a drag." Santurri hopes to expand the plan to other holidays.

Authorities hope this program is the start of a trend. "We urge all club and pub owners to take up this cause and offer similar designated driving programs for their patrons.

We all want to celebrate this weekend, St. Patrick's Day weekend, in a positive way."

State police are also reminding the public that they will have added patrols during the weekend to target drunk drivers.