Providence officer locates boy reported missing

Providence police officer Dan Sirignano said Tuesday he doesn't know how he happened to find a 2-year-old boy who had been reported missing hours earlier.

He's just glad he found him.

"When I first saw him, he was just staring there with a lost look on his face. He had on a pair of underwear and just a white tank top," the officer said.

At first, Sirignano didn't realize it was Isaiah Perez, the toddler who had been reported missing after a double murder in Johnston. His abduction triggered an Amber Alert.

"He was asking for his mommy. That was pretty much it. It was sad due to the fact I knew the circumstances," he said.

Daniel Rodriguez was charged Tuesday with fatally shooting 40-year-old Evelyn Burgos and 25-year-old Vanessa Perez and abducting Burgos' son, Isaiah Perez.

Isaiah Perez was alone Sunday night on Sweetbriar Street in the Chad Brown neighborhood of Providence.

However, it wasn't just police who did their part. Neighbors also helped out. One woman picked him up and another woman gave him clothes.

"Just trying to help out. Everyone in this neighborhood has been around for a long time," said Donna Manfredi.

Manfredi's daughter, Samantha, picked up the boy while another woman down the street gave him pants.

"Just an impulse, a motherly impulse. A little boy crying, 'Mommy, mommy,'" Donna Manfredi said.

Donna Manfredi said she and her neighbors are still thinking of the 2-year-old, who was kidnapped and lost his mother and half-sister in the same day.

"I'm still praying for him because he has a long way to go," she said.

Sirignano said knowing the little boy would never see his mother again was hard. But he said he's happy he could return him to his family and older brother.

He said Isaiah Perez's brother sent a thank you card to him.

The card read in part, "You made me really happy because you found my brother safe. When I saw my brother, I was happy. Thank you for that."

Sirignano said he plans to keep the note and he considers it one of the proudest honors earned while a member of the Providence Police Department.

Investigators told NBC 10 they found Isaiah Perez by accident and without any tips. They are still looking into how he got to Providence.