Providence police mislead about Roxy event

Providence Police tell NBC10 they were misled about what kind of event was taking place Thursday night at the Roxy nightclub downtown, and therefore didn't have as much manpower as they would have wanted in the area.

The crowd outside the club got out of hand. Glass was broken, a few people were taken to the hospital, a young woman was passed out in the street.

The par tiers were at the Roxy for an event put on by a traveling college tour called "I'm Shmacked," which goes around the country recording parties at college campuses and posting the videos on its website.

"I'm Shmacked" founder Arya Toufanian told NBC10, "There's security. There's ID checks. There's cops outside the venue. If anything happens in the venue, it can't really be held responsible."

Toufanian also said, "Honestly, 2000 college kids in one concentrated area with three hospitalizations is not a bad statistic in this day and age honestly, to be realistic about it. It's a terrible thing that happens."

Providence Police Major David Lapatin told NBC10 they were misled about what kind of event was taking place. Lapatin said they were only told by the Roxy during the permitting process that they would have a DJ dance party, not something of the scale that turned out, and so they didn't have as many officers there as they would have wanted had they known.

Police will now be taking the matter to the city licensing board.

Lapatin also said when police know a tour is coming to the city, they investigate the act to see if it's a magnet for trouble.

Just Monday, an "I'm Shmacked" appearance in Delaware brought a rowdy crowd of thousands of college kids into the streets, damaging cars, bringing a big police response there.

Despite the group's videos that show a lot of drinking and partying, the founder had a message for followers, saying "Please stop rioting. Stop acting in the manner you're doing. Come to the show, have a good time. It's like any other show you go to. We don't want to see people getting hurt or being messy or sloppy or anything like that."

A Roxy's spokesman told NBC10 Friday that patron security is a top priority.

But the spokesman did not return messages for a response after NBC10 learned of the new criticism from police.