Providence Pools Open till 6pm

Due to the extreme heat, all City-operated public pools and water parks in Providence will remain open until 6p.m. tonight.Water Park Locations Al Carrington Water Park - 64 Richardson Street (corner of Richardson Street & Prairie Avenue) Sackett Street Water Park - 110 Sackett Street General Street Water Park - 11 West Drive Harriet & Sayles Water Park - 375 Sayles Street George J. West Water Park - 1266 Chalkstone Avenue Fargnoli Water Park - 945 Smith Street Fox Point Water Park at Cabral Park - 505 Wickenden Street Neutaconkanut Recreation Center Water Park - 675 Plainfield Street Wallace Street Water Park - Cumerford Street (off of Union Avenue) Billy Taylor Park - corner of Camp Street and Cypress StreetPool Locations McGrane Pool at West End Recreation Center - 404 Dexter Street Almagno Pool at Neutaconkanut Recreation Center - 675 Plainfield Street Selim Roger Recreation Center - 60 Camden Avenue Zuccolo Recreation Center - 18 Gesler Street