Providence stabbing victim attacked with a machete

The Taunton man who stabbed another man with a machete in aparking lot on Atwells Avenue early Saturday morning is being held inMassachusetts after being caught on Route 495.{}

Police tell NBC 10 that the incident happened outside Amici'son Atwells Avenue, just before 2 a.m. Saturday morning.{} {}Accordingto the police it stemmed from an incident that began inside of the establishmentafter two men confront Steven Fordham, 27 of Taunton.{} All three men were escorted outside of theestablishment by the bouncers where the fight escalated, and Fordham allegedlygrabbed the machete from his car and attacked one of the men, Marquis Gallop,27 of Providence.{}

Gallop was taken to the hospital with a serious arminjury.{} Fordham fled the scene but waslater caught on Route 495 by Massachusetts State Police.{} He is currently being held at theMassachusetts State Police barracks in Foxboro, and could face more charges ifbrought back to Rhode Island by the Providence Police.{}

By NBC 10 News Posted: 10:54 am

Police in Providence are investigating an early morning stabbing that happened in a parking on Saturday.

According to police witnesses at the scene say that the suspect stabbed the victim with a machete just before 2 am Saturday morning; police did recover a sheath but have not yet located the weapon itself.

The victim is a male whose identity is not yet known, but he is currently in stable condition at Rhode Island Hospital.

Investigators have a partial plate on the suspect's vehicle, but they do not have the suspect in custody yet, nor do they know what led up to the stabbing incident.