Providence trying to limit roadside memorials

The Providence City Council is looking to remove old, weathered roadside memorials.

The council passed an ordinance Thursday night that would allow city workers to remove makeshift memorials that had been created for victims of tragedies like murders or car crashes.

Councilman David Salvatore told NBC10 that he has gotten complaints from constituents. "We understand that this can be a sensitive issue at times. All we're doing is empowering the city departments, the police department and the department of public works to remove any deteriorated roadside memorials that impede a driver's ability to navigate our roads, any obstruction to a right of way. When they become public safety issues, then the city has to react."

The looks of some of the memorials in question are an issue as well. Salvatore said, "That came up in conversations, too. So after 30 days I'm sure a lot of these roadside memorials do become eyesores, for a lack of a better term. Again, it's more about empowering our departments to remove them when they do become public safety issues."

The proposal will be up for a second vote in two weeks. If it passes again then it would go the mayor's desk.