Public asked to help identify suspects

Pawtucket police are searching for two men who attacked a 50-year-old man walking with a cane.

The incident happened last Sunday at about noon at Gee's Liquor store at 400 Broadway in Pawtucket.

Detectives said when the victim walked into the store he was followed by two strangers. Police said once the victim's transaction was complete; the two men then followed the man out of the store and then beat him unconscious while he was walking home.

The store owner told NBC 10 he was surprised that someone would pull such a thing right after being caught on security cameras in Gee's Liquor Store.

"From what I understand he (the victim) was pretty banged up on his forehead. I believe he got hit with a brass knuckles or something as such, soBut he's going to be alright from what he tells us," said store owner John-Anthony Santos.

Santos said thanks to the surveillance video, and quick police response, he holds out hope the suspects would be apprehended. "I hope that they catch the bad guys. He's (the victim is) a very nice customer. He comes here all the time, and unfortunately that day was a bad day for him, so I hope we catch the guys."

One suspect is said to be a 40-45 year-old black man who stands between 5'11" and 6' feet tall, the other subject is described as a 30-35 year-old, thin white man who's between 5'6" and 5'7".

If you have any information, you're asked to call Pawtucket police at 401-727-9100.