Raimondo answers questions about unredacted documents

Rhode Island General Treasurer Gina Raimondo seemed to be holding firm Friday on her refusal to release uncensored hedge fund documents.

The Providence Journal requested the documents last week. Raimondo released them, but they were heavily redacted.

The Journal contends the documents might contain details of the contracts certain hedge fund companies have with the state and perhaps the fees the state is paying them.

A few days later, four good-government groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union and Common Cause, sent a letter to Raimondo asking her to fully release the documents.

"We're going to look at their precise request, but as I've said, we've signed contracts. We have to run a professional operation. We're in compliance with the law," Raimondo said on a taping of "10 News Conference."

Raimondo again refused to say for sure if she'll run for governor in 2014. She did rule out running as an independent.

"If I run, I am running as a Democrat," Raimondo said.