Rain storm brings street flooding across RI and SE Mass

The driver of a Jeep misjudged the depth of the parking lot on Charles Street and ended up in the Moshassuck River, Sunday, March 30, 2014.

The weekend rain caused flooding concerns across Southern New England. City and town officials said it's the usual places that were getting the worst of it.

Fletcher Avenue in Cranston looked like a lake. Street drains backed up, causing standing water to gather and as the rain kept falling, the water wasn't receding.

A Jeep became stranded in the Moshassuck River in Providence. Streets and backyards flooded in Bristol and Warren.

The rain certainly put a damper on this early spring weekend.

"It just keeps getting worse and worse and worse," said Al DaCosta of Warren.

Warren residents were annoyed that rain waters continually cause damage to their homes.

"They started to dig out the ditch down on that side and they stopped half way, and they completely abandoned it," DaCosta said.

"My kids can't even play most of the time it's just so wet. To mow it, it takes months. A couple of months into the summer of no rain to get back here to mow the yard," said Warren resident Marsha Ingerson.

But it was no better for people in Bristol. Flood waters filled homes inside and out.

"The guy next door, he was pumping out his house so I came out here. I had boots on up to my knee, but the water was all the way up to my thigh. The water was up to here," Laurie Chilcot told NBC 10.

In Fall River, there were several reports of traffic problems caused by rain. One car had to be yanked off the median on Rhode Island Avenue; officials said just one of many such incidents.

Residents were hoping the rain stops so they can begin the process of drying out.

"The whole neighborhood has complained, so I don't know what they're going to do," Ingerson said.

The whole neighborhood of Hiscox Street in Westerly is usually worrying about flooding from the river but all was quiet on Sunday night. A small respite during an otherwise wet weekend.