Rare supermoon eclipse this Sunday night

Total eclipse lasts for 1 hour 12 minutes

This Sunday night we will have a chance to see something that hasn't occurred in over 30's a total eclipse of the "Supermoon"...the largest full moon of the year! Not only is this{}Sunday's full moon the "Supermoon" it's also the Harvest Moon, the full moon falling closest to the Fall Equinox! much to talk about here but the biggest issue is whether or not we will{}be able to see it...the cloud cover COULD potentially rain on our proverbial Total Eclipse of the Super-Harvest Moon!! More on this in a minute but first some background info...

According to scientists at NASA's Goddard Space Center this month's full moon occurs at the point when the moon's orbit takes it at it's closest approach to Earth, known as "Perigee", about 31,000 miles{}closer to the Earth than at its farthest point. This will make the moon appear about 14% larger and 30% brighter than it does at "Apogee", the farthest position of the moon's orbit...pretty cool BUT there's{}more!

Scientists are able to predict eclipses hundreds upon hundreds of years in the's all about pinpointing the position of the Earth, Sun & moon which astronomers seem to know with amazing accuracy!{}These eclipses happen more often than you may fact this weekend's lunar eclipse is the 2nd one this year! There has also been 2 solar eclipses{}this year as well. But it only happens every{}few decades that there is an eclipse of the Supermoon...the last time this happened was in 1982...and after this Sunday, it won't happen again until 2033!

Here's a look at the time frame: Partial eclipse starts at 9:07PM Sunday with total eclipse beginning at 10:11PM...the moon will remain eclipsed for 1 hour and 12 minutes then the process will reverse itself{}with the last shadow of the Earth leaving the Moon at 12:27AM, early Monday morning.{}

Of course the wild card in all of this is whether or not it will be too cloudy for us to see this rare event. And as I write this there remains some uncertainty. Clouds will spread up from our south & west{}Sunday night into early Monday so it seems as though our best chance will be earlier in the eclipse process...the tendency will be for more clouds as the night progresses. But I urge you to keep a close eye{}on the forecast if you're hoping to catch a glimpse! Let's hope it works out...2033 seems like a LONG way away!

thanks for reading...Mark