Rebuilding Together - Helping rebuild homes


"Rebuilding Together" is a group of about 125 volunteers that get together with a mission to renovate and revitalize homes for those in need. On Saturday, the organization worked on four projects around the city of Pawtucket, including a home on Plain Street that belongs to 93 year old Dorothy Anderson.

"There's people like them that nobody hears about," Anderson says of the volunteers. "And they should be heard (about)."

For the organizers of "Rebuilding Together," helping out is what is most important.

"There's nothing that helps a person survive in body, mind and spirit more than living in the house that you love with your family in the community that you're familiar with," Executive Director Jane Eskelund tells NBC 10.

Many of the volunteers come from Gilbane Construction, like David Bird.

"Seeing what you get out of the homeowners and getting everyone together and working as a team," says Bird. "It's just a fun experience."

Volunteer Greg Garvin adds, "We're just trying to make as big an impact as we can in a small amount of time. We're just trying to make a difference."

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