Relatives, friends remember those lost in nightclub fire

It's just the empty lot where The Station nightclub stood, but it's so much more for those who lost people close to them in the fire 10 years ago.

And there are plans to make it into a place that honors those who perished here.

"It's important that we have a beautiful, serene place for us to come and reflect. That shows the true beauty of the 100 people that passed away," Jessica Garvey, of Woonsocket said on Wednesday.

Ten years later, some said the pain of loss is still fresh.

"Some days it seems like yesterday," said Barbara Mendez of Seekonk, Mass.

"It doesn't seem like 10 years. Some days you want to just pick up the phone. Like she's right there," said Deirdre Nyberg of Cumberland.

But there's a comfort that brings people back to the place where their friends and lovers spent their last moments -- and knowing that they were not alone.

"They're still around," said Mark Nyberg of Cumberland.

And a memorial may finally come to the site.

"It's the only thing that can really go here," said Cindy McCormick of West Warwick.

Friends of those lost -- sprinkling wildflower seeds, putting out fresh candles, leaving keepsakes -- they'll be coming to the site whether it gets a makeover or not.

The Station Fire Memorial Foundation wants to raise $1 million to build the memorial and to endow its upkeep in perpetuity.