Police release report on officer's fatal crash

© Providence Police Officer John Reposa

NBC 10 has just received the full police report from Jamestown Police regarding the accident that claimed the life of veteran Providence police officer John Reposa.

Raposa was off duty the night of Aug. 10 riding his motorcycle in Jamestown when he struck an SUV.

According to the police report, there was a line of three vehicles traveling northbound on North Road.

The people in the second vehicle told police they witnessed a motorcycle attempting to pass all three vehicles on the left by traveling in the southbound lane.

At that time, the first car, driven by Marijke Yvonne Landon of North Carolina, attempted to turn left from North Road onto Westwind Drive.

One of the witnesses in that second vehicle said Reposa's motorcycle tried to stop but could not, and struck her left rear quarter panel.

He also told police he did not see Landon use her turn signal and added that he tried to find a pulse on Reposa but was unsuccessful.

Police learned Reposa, who was not wearing a helmet, was a Providence Police Officer through identification in his wallet.

Reposa served in the patrol division, motorcycle squad, narcotics and traffic bureaus and was called a tremendous loss to the department. He was 43 years old.