3 adults, 2 children injured in West Warwick crash

Three adults and two children were injured in a West Warwick crash late Tuesday night.

West Warwick police are trying to determine the cause of a car crash that sent five people to the hospital on Tuesday night.

The accident happened near the intersection of Providence Street and New London Avenue just after 10 p.m. Two cars collided and were demolished in the crash.

Officials said three adults and two young children suffered serious injuries that were not life threatening.

Rescue crews had to extricate two people from their car.

"It was difficult because of they were stuck inside the vehicle, because of the way the crash happened. The vehicles were in such bad shape. They couldn't just open the doors and get them out. They had to cut the roof off the vehicle," a West Warwick police officer told NBC10.

NBC 10 talked to Manuel Andrade who was nearly a victim in the crash.

He said a woman with two children inside her car drove up behind him swerving back and forth near the intersection of Providence Street and New London Avenue.

He moved out of the way and watched as she struck another car with two people inside. The man pulled over and helped pull two children out of the car just as police arrived.

"I just did it, and that was it. There's no thinking or what you're going to do you just have to save someone's life. That was it," Andrade said.

Authorities closed Providence Street until 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.