Resident unhappy with Pawtucket's paving job

East Street and Broadway, Pawtucket

About a mile of new pavement on Broadway in Pawtucket is coming under some scrutiny by at least one resident.

The old pavement blends into new pavement at the corner of East Street and Broadway. Cars and truck traveled smoothly over this busy stretch of road Friday, but at least one man said the paving work was poorly done.

"I think any homeowner would be upset if it was their own driveway," Ted Lewandowski said.

NBC 10 took his concern to the Pawtucket Department of Public Works, which has been watching the stretch of road since it was paved in November.

"What we've seen out there is minor in nature and nothing that wasn't expected," said Lance Hill of the Pawtucket DPW.

But not good enough, said Lewandowski.

"It was paved in three sections. So what's happening is, it's cracking where the vehicle traffic is going. So, the cars are actually going over the cracks and trucks, obviously, and it's a federal highway," Lewandowski said.

The seams from the three paving lanes are visible. The DPW said that is normal on roads of this width. The city got started on this paving project unusually late in the year, but it said it's coming along just fine.

"We'll come back through after we do some painting on it, do a final inspection, do some crack sealing, and it will be ready to go," Hill said.

The road will be painted within the next few weeks. The DPW said that a stretch of slightly warmer weather is needed to paint.

Other residents said they are happy with the paving project, but point to things like clogged sewers that give them frustration.

Lewandowski said he would still like something to be done to improve the roadway.

"I think as a concerned citizen and a taxpayer, everybody should be upset," Lewandowski.

The DPW said it has been aggressive in requesting more money from the state and federal governments to continue to pave the city's roads.