Coventry residents to determine future of CCFD

The highly-contestedfuture of the Central Coventry Fire District will be decided by its residentsTuesday.

Coventry taxpayers will vote on a new$6.6 million budget, which could raise fire district taxes by as much as 36percent.

Central Coventry firefighters urgedvoters to vote "yes" on the new budget.

"We are asking voters to support the proposed budget -to preserve the vital emergency rescue and fire services the district providesand to keep the district in operation," Dave Gorman, president of CoventryProfessional Fire Fighters Local 3372, said in a news release.

The CCFD is facing a $1 milliondeficit. A judge has ordered the department to be liquidated if the budgetdoesn't pass.

Three other district chiefs have deviseda contingency plan to provide service if the CCFD is liquidated.

On Monday, on the eve of the budgetvote, a judge denied a request for voters to receive information about theplan. The request was made by lawyers for state Rep. Patricia Morgan andstate Sen. Nicolas Kettle.

Voting will take place from 6 p.m. to10 p.m. at Coventry High School.