Restaurant owner helps catch suspects after robbery

West Wind restaurant owner Mitchell Massiwer has been sleeping inside his establishment for two weeks.

The reason? He said thieves broke into his Seekonk restaurant two weeks ago.

"They rummaged through the place. They took the TV. They smashed a TV. They took a whole bunch of liquor bottles," he said.

While at the restaurant, he heard thieves try and break in at about 5 a.m. Sunday.

"I could hear them prying the door. They were getting the jukebox, so I could hear that. I immediately called 911," Massiwer said.

He told NBC 10 he felt safe because he was well hidden and waited for police to arrive. He said at one point he could even hear the thieves arguing.

"One of them said, 'It's my TV dude!' I could hear them arguing. You'd think they would try to get it out, and then argue about it," Massiwer said.

Massiwer said police officers arrived quietly with no lights or sirens in an effort to not scare off the suspects.

"They handcuffed them and took them away. I felt good that I did something," he said.

The thieves already had 30 bottles of liquor in their vehicle by the time police arrived.

Massiwer said he was glad to have it back.

"I hope I did a lot of good and I hope a lot of cases are solved because of this," he said.

The thieves were identified as Scott Sheridan and Daniel Grimes.

Massiwer said he heard one of them told police they were the same ones who broke in two weeks ago.

The suspects are scheduled to be in court Wednesday.