Providence restaurant robbery caught on camera

The owner of a Providence restaurant said Thursday she's hoping for the public's help to catch the man who she says broke into the business early and stole money and liquor.

The owner said the robbery happened at about 2 a.m. Wednesday.

"Extremely upsetting because we work hard and this was a while days' worth of business that was taken from us," said the owner who didn't want to identify herself or her business.

Security cameras purport to show the thief walking up to the restaurant, smashing a window, climbing in and getting behind the restaurant's bar.

The owner told NBC 10 the thief grabbed the most expensive liquor and filled a bag he brought with him with money from the cash register.

"He took even the quarters, the pennies, nickels, everything he could," the owner said.

The owner said he left with at least $1,000 in addition to the liquor.

The owner said she's hoping the release of her security camera footage will lead to some clues.

"We're hoping. We have several cameras and one of the cameras shows his face a little bit, so we're hoping that will help," the owner said.

According to the owner, the thief didn't appear to be a regular customer.

"We have not seen him around here, but I believe some people around the area have seen him so we're hoping that this will help a little more," the owner said.

So far, police haven't made any arrests.

"One person possibly (recognized) his picture at the gas station. We're going around showing his picture. We're hoping the video will help more on TV," the owner said.