Restaurant stays open through lockdown

The neon glow of the open sign by the entrance to Athens Pizza is one of the only signs of life in what had become a ghost town in this usually bustling suburb of Boston.

"Something to do, too, in Watertown. It's all blocked off. Nobody can come in, nobody can leave," said customer Ashley Garcia.

The town was virtually shut down, except for the hundreds of media members and armed police officers, all of whom were looking for a quick bite if they can get it.

"Someone told me 'God Bless You.' That does everything for me," owner Sam Abdelmasi said.

Local residents that are forced out of their homes are grateful that there is a place to go and food to eat.

"Most places are shut down, and it sends a statement through the town that, you know, it's OK," Watertown resident Joshua Delbosque said.