Retired police lieutenant ordered to wear GPS device

Eduardo Raposo

A former Fall River police lieutenant accused of domestic assault was released to home confinement Wednesday.

Eduardo Raposo faces charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and carrying a firearm while intoxicated.

A police report obtained from Swansea police says Raposo was waving his gun in the air during a confrontation with his wife at their Swansea home last week.

It was revealed in court that his wife refuses to testify if the state brings the case to trial and that she has refused to file for a restraining order on multiple occasions.

The judge ordered Raposo's release on the condition that he wears a GPS monitoring device that also measures his sobriety. He was ordered not to consume alcohol and not to live in a home where guns are present. He was also ordered to begin or continue substance abuse counseling.

The state continues to consider moving forward with the charges.

Raposo retired the day after his arrest last week.