Reward offered for leads in cat shooting

Hooked up to an IV, Midnight the cat spends another night in the animal hospital.

Her owners came home to their East Taunton home last weekend to find her in rough shape.

Sarah Parker said the cat was, "Shaking, very scared. She wasn't able to put her paw down."

Veterinarians ultimately told Sarah Parker that Midnight had been shot with a pellet gun. Her shoulder had been shattered.

"I was speechless," Parker told NBC10. She called police, and now Midnight recovers at an animal hospital in West Bridgewater. "I walked out and I started tearing up. It's very hard to see her in that situation. I can't wait for her to come home. I'm glad she survived because my son would have been devastated if she hadn't survived," Parker said.

Parker's kids are especially close to the cat. Her daughter Eilis said, "It was pretty hard to see her in the condition she is in."

It will be a long, slow recovery. Midnight had surgery on Wednesday when she had a plate and pins put into her shoulder and a skin graft, too.

Now, neighbors and friends are pitching in to help out.

Michelle Littlefield told NBC10, "Everybody's shocked. I was as shocked as she was. We live in a nice area." Littlefield has launched a social media campaign to raise money for the thousands of dollars in medical expenses and a reward to find who shot Midnight. "We believe it might have been neighborhood kids or teenagers that were involved. Maybe other teenagers or other friends will come forward," she said."

Parker added, "I think it's awful. My thought is if someone will hurt an animal, they'll hurt a human being."

Midnight could go home soon but will have to be in a crate and take it easy for about 8 weeks.