Rhode Island State Police aid in Boston Marathon bomb investigations

A week of horror hopefully is over. A nation rallied around our region until an international fugitive was brought to justice. Massachusetts law enforcement authorities did a fantastic job in capturing him and taking him alive. But Rhode Island State Police played a major role in ensuring everyone's safety around the region so that Massachusetts police could do their job.

It was a hero's exodus Friday night in Watertown as law enforcement officials left the scene of a standoff that led to the capture of 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

However the herculean police efforts were not just concentrated on Watertown, neighboring communities were also shut down. There were arrests were made in New Bedford, and the campus of U-Mass Dartmouth was evacuated and secured.

The crime scene spread into the suburbs as the investigation continued. By Thursday investigators that suspect number two was a UMass-Dartmouth student.

With the great majority of its manpower involved in a massive manhunt, Massachusetts Police called on Rhode Island's finest to help with their investigation in Dartmouth.

The call for help was immediately answered by police agencies throughout the state who were ready to help in any way that they could

And that's the code among police brethren, in times of need everyone comes together for the greater good.