RI attorney general's office assisting in recent gym closures

Gold's Gym in North Providence

Two gyms suddenly closed and the complaints filed with the Rhode Island attorney general's office keep coming in.

"We've received nearly 40 complaints from members that attended Flex Gym and nearly 70 complaints from those who went to Gold's Gym in North Providence," said Tammy Miller of the attorney general's office.

Members of both gyms told NBC 10 they had little warning and now most are trying to get their membership fees back.

At the Flex Gym in Burrillville, NBC 10 found people trying to get their belongings back as lockers were being pulled away, out of the building and off site. Some said they had recently invested several hundred dollars into a membership right before the doors closed.

A similar situation happened at Gold's Gym in North Providence.

"We've been in contact with the owners. With Flex Gym we are working with the owner and hoping we can resolve the complaints. And with Gold's Gym in North Providence, the owner has allowed members to go to the Warwick facility that he owns," Miller said.

The owner of two Fitness Together locations in Barrington and Lincoln is offering members from both gyms deals.

"We will redeem any sessions of those who had been Gold's or at Flex Gym in a moderate amount. They just have to prove that they were training there with an invoice of some sort and we'll honor those sessions," said Matthew Gagliano of Fitness Together.

So far, four people have contacted Fitness Together.

Miller said paying for a gym membership for a full year up front may sound great, but that people should consider paying on a monthly basis so they can pay as they go.