Strong winds blow through Southern New England

© Tina, Cumberland Hill Road

A big storm that's been roaring through the entire East Coast brought some damage and disruption Friday to Southern New England.

Winds averaged 30 to 50 mph, blowing over small trees and lawn furniture. The steeple of Central Baptist Church in Middleborough, Mass., was removed because of fears it would topple.

Some periods of heavy rain caused ponding on roadways where clogged storm drains wouldn't let the water flow.

The lights flickered on and off in Harrisville all morning.

"You know what? Since some of the big storms in the past few years, we do seem to flicker way more than we used to," said Nicole Charpentier of Little General Store in Harrisville. "The wind was strong this morning. So, we expected it."

Southern New Englanders have been through far worse weather, but it was the first significant rain since September in parts of the region.