RI cities to be charged for contaminated recycling

Rhode Island cities and towns are being asked to clean up their acts when it comes to recycling.

The Newport Daily News reports that starting Tuesday, municipalities will be charged $250 for every load of contaminated recycling they bring to the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corp. in Johnston.

Recycling services director Sarah Kite-Reeves says recycling workers have found everything from broken furniture, propane tanks, fish heads and dirty diapers. None can be recycled at the facility.

Kite-Reeves says the problem is worse in communities that use 55-gallon recycling carts. Communities that use a pay-as-you-throw system, where residents pay for each load of trash they dispose of, have better records.

She says they receive 85 to 90 loads of recycling daily. Up to five are rejected because of contamination.