State orders Woonsocket haunted house torn down

A haunted house built in a Woonsocket couple's yard has been ordered closed by the state fire marshal's office because it violates safety codes.{}{} {}The Woonsocket Call reports that Dave and Charlene Densmore have assembled Halloween displays for years and opened them to visitors in exchange for donations of canned food for a soup kitchen. They said they've raised more than 1,000 pounds of canned goods this year.{}{} {}This year's display was an enclosed maze attached to the Densmore's front porch. It was built with an old stockade fence and plastic tarps.{}{} {}State Fire Marshal Jack Chartier ordered the structure closed Tuesday. The couple had refused a similar order from the city, but decided to remove it after the state intervened. Dave Densmore says he'll rebuild, but as a display, not a structure.