MBTA police ID 6 involved in Boston subway brawl

Nicole Giraldo

Transit police in Boston said they have identified six people allegedly involved in a brawl on a subway car last weekend that left three people requiring medical treatment.

One young male victim was taken to a hospital for treatment and two teenage girls from Lincoln were treated at the scene after the fight inside a Red Line train at about 9 p.m. Sunday.

A passenger shot video of the fight, which MBTA police have made public. MBTA police said Wednesday afternoon no charges had been filed.

"These are strangers. No one knows the victims that were involved. That's why we are asking people to come forward and identify the people in the video and help us," said MBTA Superintendent-In-Chief Joseph O'Connor.

Nicole Giraldo, 16, told NBC 10 she doesn't know the people who were on the train that night. She says they hit her, her boyfriend, her 17-year-old sister, her sister's boyfriend and their 1-year-old cousin.

"It's ridiculous how no one helped. They see all these minors getting attacked and they don't do anything," Giraldo said. "I'm bruised, my stomach is swollen but I'm fine," she told NBC 10 in an interview Tuesday night.

Giraldo says a stranger on the train thought her boyfriend was someone else and started a fight with him. When she and her sister came to his defense, they got pulled into the scuffle. She admitted to fighting back, but says the fight was unprovoked.

"The blond girl punches my sister in the eye. That's when I jumped on the girl," she said.

The attackers face charges of assault and battery.

Anyone with information should contact the MBTA at 617-222-3200.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.