RI health website shows no pains of national site

If you listen to the national news, you would expect there would be no way to sign up for health insurance under the new health care law. That may be true in some states, but not in Rhode Island.

The HealthSource RI website is up and functioning and functioning well, but some people drop into the HealthSource Contact Center in Providence for a personal escort through the process.

"I don't really think there is a difficult part of the process. I think we have great specialists here who know the information. And I feel very satisfied by saying that most of the customers when they come in get their questions answered, and they get enrolled, and by the end of their appointment they're happy with their choices," said Kayla Beauvais of HealthSource RI.

Other potential customers reach out by telephone, where 40 to 50 operators are ready to help enroll people who have no insurance or who are newly eligible for Medicaid under extended guidelines.

What these agents are helping people navigate is personal and personally important.

"They're worried about their families to get coverage. They want to come and they want to make sure everyone is getting covered for Jan.1. Health insurance is so important to people moving forward," Beauvais said.

More than 4,600 Rhode Islanders have completed the information and selected their insurance, and there are no long waits.

Applications must be completed by Dec. 15 for coverage to take effect Jan. 1.