RI lawmaker's husband sentenced to prison in fraud case

Henry Fellela

The husband of a Rhode Island state representative was sentenced to 48 months in federal prison after using a stolen credit card and claimed he was homeless to collect $58,000 in fraudulent Social Security benefits.

Henry Fellela pleaded guilty to the charges on April 8.

Fellela's wife is Democratic state Rep. Deborah Fellela, of Johnston.

Prosecutors said Fellela used a stolen credit card in September 2010 to buy $3,077 worth of electronic goods and clothing. The credit card belonged to an 85-year-old Smithfield resident.

They also said Fellela claimed to be homeless to collect $58,207 in supplemental Social Security benefits between 2004 and 2012 when he was living with his life in their Johnston home.

Fellela was also arrested in March 2013 by state police and charged with using a stolen credit card after someone reported that the card had been stolen from their mailbox. Police said the card was used 17 times at gas stations in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey.