White House lists sequester cuts to RI

While Congress remains at a stand-still in Washington, here locally, Rhode Island delegates are hoping a deal can be done before the March 1st deadline and avoid the sequester.

"This is not the way we should be reducing spending and cutting the deficit," says Rep. David Cicilline. "We should be doing it in a balanced way like the President said."

Representative Cicilline and his democratic constituents in Congress would like to see tax relief for the middle class while cutting spending on big business like pharmaceuticals.

If the sequester happens, Rhode Island will see major cuts in educational spending, military spending, clean air and water quality funding, and child care. Washington released these impact points to the media on Sunday to warn people of what may come.

"I don't think it's a scare tactic," says Senator Jack Reed. "I think what it is is just being very clear of what will happen so everyone is very aware of the consequences."