RI legislation would target assets of pimps

There's a new push in Rhode Island to prosecute pimps and human traffickers as harshly as drug dealers.

Legislation in both houses would allow the state to freeze and confiscate the assets pimps make from prostitution or forced labor. The state already has the ability to take money and assets from prostitutes.

Supporters of the measure said its more important to go after the people profiting the most. State Attorney General Peter Kilmartin said it's a way to also shed light on the fact that many prostitutes and forced laborers are often tricked, coerced and violently held against their will.

Advocacy group Day One said its time the state started going after pimps and human traffickers the same way it targets drug dealers. Day One said it believes freezing and taking assets from pimps and human traffickers also shows support for the victims of prostitution and forced labor.