RI lifts widespread flu declaration

Flu Season

The director of the Rhode Island Department of Health said Thursday that the flu is no longer widespread in the state, but Dr. Michael Fine still urged any Rhode Islander who hasn't had a flu shot to get one.

The state said there were two flu-related deaths and 239 flu-related hospitalizations in Rhode Island during the current flu season.

"Although the level of flu in Rhode Island has dropped, unvaccinated Rhode Islanders remain at risk for getting the flu," Dr. Fine said in a news release. "The flu is a serious illness and it typically remains in Rhode Island until April. For anyone who has not yet been vaccinated, it's not too late to protect yourself and the people around you."

The state also lifted the requirement that unvaccinated health care workers have to wear surgical masks when working with patients.

The state Department of Health put the flu declaration in place Jan. 8.